I’ve been thinking today about how noisy life can be… 

 I have the noise of work and church, family and friendships,

 weddings and honeymoons, dreams and music, plans and details…

I’d say that right now my “life-song”  is pretty up-beat.  It’s loud and busy.. the guitars are soloing, the drum is pounding…the bass is kicking…  life is simply busy..and noisy..

in the midst of all this noise, it’s easy to miss the whisper of God..  I find that so many other things can and will block that still small voice that my soul craves, yet a lot of times I change nothing..  Life just keeps going, and God keeps getting hushed by what I’m doing.

I think Jesus knew exactly what i’m talking about. He always seemed to have a crowd around him, always had things going on..  Yet in the midst of all that we see so often that he would escape to a silent place to refresh and renew his soul and his spirit.  I’ve found that I can only go so far without hearing from God.  My soul craves him.  It longs for him.  I need that silent time with him, and I can tell when i’ve missed it, or silenced his voice.  I am a better man with God. sometimes i just fill my life with too much other stuff.. and pretty soon the noise of my life is just too loud, and God gets drowned out.  But in the midst of all this noise, god is worthy. He deserves all of my attention.  There should be no competition.

So today, take some time to get silent before Him.  Turn off the I pod and the cell phone and just connect with your maker.  Grab ahold of his promises.

“Come to me all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come buy and eat… Listen to me and eat what is good, and your soul will delight on the richest of fare.. Give EAR and come to me, HEAR me, that your soul may live.